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Vertical Vendors blurs the line between temporary, semi & permanent displays.

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, Vertical Vendors' parent company Metalfacture is dedicated to providing customers with the very best quality products.

Designed to be used as a long term Point of Sale retail fixture, Vertical Vendors are made from sustainable, & recyclable materials - not just a short term promotional unit ending up in landfill

Their small footprint allows for locating in high footfall areas in store for increased impulse sales opportunities. With branding on the faces that are seen, they also offer an increased brand awareness 

Displaying products at an easy to reach height, while looking neat and tidy, there is no bending down to pick up heavy products.

increase in impulse sales

Source: Top 10 Beer Producer Worldwide


designed, manufactured, and quality-checked in our factory in Leicester, UK



Managing Director

James established VV's parent company, Metalfacture Limited, in 1997 as a specialist manufacturer of sheet metal goods and James determines the company's strategy in terms of manufacturing capacity, overseas dealer appointments and raw material supply

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MD of VV
Co-exec of VV


Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ben co-founded Metalfacture with James and oversees sales, operations and manufacturing.

Ben drives the social media campaigns which have attracted retailers, drink manufacturers and dealers alongside pricing and long termcustomer management

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  • How Does a Vertical Vendor Work?
    The Vertical Vendor is a patented & design registered solution which is calibrated to suit specific size and weight of product. The internals lift the product to display them at a specific level. The spring-loaded design is developed depending on the anticipated product using different designs and details to help keep the intended product safe.
  • Can a Vertical Vendor work for anything?
    Vertical Vendors are designed to suit a products size versus weight and will only work for the same size / weight products.
  • Can a vertical Vendor be used for different items?
    We can design a Vertical Vendor for almost anything, but it will only work for a specific size and weight. For example, if you purchase a Classic Can 4 Pack Vertical Vendor, it will not vend a Slim Can 4 Pack as the size and weight are different.
  • What warranty do you offer?
    We offer 1 year warranty, but we have units 10 years old working as well as the first day in store.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    We can ship worldwide but it is cheaper for you to organise collection if you can.
  • How long does it take for a Vertical Vendor to be made?
    Depending on capacity at time of order, generally design and manufacture of a new unit will take approximately 8 weeks. A re-run of approved units takes between 6 – 8 weeks to be ready for dispatch.
  • How are Vertical vendors packed?
    We strongly suggest using our standard packaging which has a card cap top and bottom with 40mm polystyrene pads also top & bottom and with a twin ply outer card case. We don’t guarantee this is suitable enough to withstand overnight couriers like FedEx or UPS, but it is suitable for careful pallet/container or direct store delivery. This option saves on cost, excess packaging, and space for transit.
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