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24 PACK Vertical Vendor

24 - pack standard

The original Vertical Vendor, this unit has a large capacity & is very versatile. It can take 4,6,8,12 & 24 standard packs. Ideal for till ends or dead zones in larger format stores.

4- pack 

The smallest of our units, this fits single 330ml cans or 4-packs. It is very spatially efficient with a small footprint and is ideal for placing at checkpoints in convenience stores.

4 PACK Vertical Vendor





Megavendor & Quad-Megavendor

The Megavendor fits the slimline  range of cans. Each layer fits 6 packs of 6 cans or 2 packs of 18 cans (36 in total). Either individually, or as a 4 Bay on a base (the Quad-Megavendor), it has a huge capacity vs. its footprint


The Trigon unit fits standard (330ml) cans as singles, and is perhaps our most impressive looking unit. It fits 6 cans per layer; ideal for high value individual cans. Like our other units, the graphics can be changed to make it a permanent solution for future promotions.

Trigon Unit


(graphics for visual representation only)

A long lasting, sustainable POS solution, designed to increase sales and brand awareness


Although we specialise in canned display units, we do also make bespoke vendors upon request...

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