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At Vertical Vendors, our mission is to make the future of displays more sustainable  

Cans are infinitely recyclable

Recyclable cans

 Once collected from the consumer, they have an unrivalled sorting, reprocessing and remelting efficiency rate of 90% compared with glass (67%) and PET (66%)

Recyclable unit

Similarly, our vertical vendors are made from 100% steel, and share the same sustainable traits

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Recycling – made easy by using Vertical Vendors

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Having been a huge advocate of Vertical Vendors for many years, I saw the great benefits to brands & retailers In using their displays. Not only do they increase product sales, but they also increase sustainability by reducing landfill waste, increasing recyclability rates and reducing CO2 impacts.

Steve Lister, Global Head of Sustainability – POPAI UK & Ire

Steve Lister POPAI
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